Advantages of Ceramic Knives

The Advantages of Ceramic Knives

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Having a fully stocked kitchen is very important for the smooth running of the household. But just having all the ingredients for a perfect dish is not enough if you don’t have the right utensils to cook it in or more importantly, the right knives and chopping instruments to do your prep with. Have you ever tried to cut a pulpy, soft tomato with a blunt knife? It literally pulverizes in your hands. Now try and use that knife to julienne. It’s almost impossible. Have you ever had to cut a large number of onions with a blunt knife? It will take you forever and the tears that you will cry will be less because of the onions and more out of frustration. Also cutting meat with wrong instruments can turn into a very messy affair. For all these reasons (and more) it is essential to have a really good set of knives that are strong, durable and sharp!

The newest fad in kitchen instruments is the use of ceramic knives. The blades used in ceramic knives are produced using a process known as sintering. It is a process which uses high temperatures and extreme pressure to help mould the materials into their finished shapes. The resultant blades have proved to be so hard that diamond wheels are used to sharpen them. Diamonds are known to be the hardest substance on the face of the earth, so using diamonds to shape and sharpen the blades is saying something! Diamonds are the only materials that are considered harder that ceramic.ceramic knives

These blades are made from zirconium oxide which is essentially the second hardest material on the planet occurring naturally. The use of this material not only makes the blades harder and sharper they are also considered to be lighter than the ones made from stainless steel. They are also extremely durable, 10 times more than their steel counterparts. Another great benefit of these knives is that they do not react with the food that you are chopping thus the natural flavor and appearance of the food is retained to a large extent.

These knives can be easily purchased in kitchen supplies stores in malls and other brick-and-mortar retail stores. Also they can be bought online from a variety of different sites. There are a number of great discounts and introductory offers that you can benefit from. They may be a little pricey, but if you think about it – it’s a one time investment that will last you for years!


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